Dental Services

Dentistry Services at Our Practice

Dentistry Services at Our Practice

At Amarillo Children's Dentistry, Dr. Randall Browning and our entire dentistry team are dedicated to providing the most thorough and advanced dentistry care available in the most relaxing environment possible.

In addition to preventative dentistry examinations and cleanings, Dr. Randall Browning and the team at Amarillo Children's Dentistry offer orthodontic and restorative dentistry solutions.

Dental Examinations

Great oral health begins with regular dental examinations and cleanings. Dr. Randall Browning and the Amarillo Children's Dentistry team of dental assistants and hygienists provide personalized routine dental examinations. During their twice-yearly check-up, patients in our practice receive a thorough examination and any necessary X-rays. After the comprehensive examination, one of our professional and knowledgeable dental hygienists will perform a thorough cleaning and polishing. Call us today at 806.353.2113 to schedule your appointment.

Pediatric Dentistry

Preventing cavities and promoting good oral hygiene should start early on in life. Taking great care of your child's teeth now sets them up for great oral health in the future. Dr. Randall Browning and the staff at Amarillo Children's Dentistry are experienced in pediatric dentistry. Babies, children, and adolescents have specific dental needs and our professional staff is trained to provide the care they need. Contact us at 806.353.2113 to make an appointment for your child today. It's never too early to have great oral health.


ClearCorrect is a great option for patients looking to straighten their teeth without visible metal braces. ClearCorrect is a gradual method of straightening the teeth using a series of custom-made aligners provided by Dr. Randall Browning. Dr. Browning is experienced in ClearCorrect and will determine what is the best method to straighten your teeth. Contact us at 806.353.2113 to make an appointment and we'll be happy to explain the benefits of ClearCorrect and to determine whether ClearCorrect is the best form of straightening teeth for you.

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